About Us


We are five Master students from Skema Business School. For our class “Strategic Brand Management”, we have been asked to create a blog and to realize a comparative brand audit in the market of our choice.

What better industry could we choose other than the bottled water industry? The industry which shows perfectly the power of branding.

How does water, a natural resource, become a very competitive industry and a multibillion-dollar business? Branding strategies!

The aim of this blog is to provide insights regarding the mineral water industry as well as comparative analyses on branding strategies. We decided to focus on the brands: Evian, Vittel, Contrex and SleepWater because all of them have a very specific positioning.

The Team:

Hamza Benbrahim

Alexandre Gormand-Couturier

Na Li

Clément Nicolin

Ophélie Oswald 

Rose Yin