Branded Solutions for Local Water in Restaurants & Hotels

The issue of bottled water versus tap water has always been a topic of debate. So, restaurants and hotels are trying out new ways to balance out the preferences of their guests. Bottled water has always been a staple in restaurants as an offering on the menu, and as well as hotels in their minibars, lobby, snack bars, poolside; for the convenience. But more recently, as people are becoming more and more aware of the environmental issues that exist, people are showing a preference towards eco-friendly locally sourced water products. To satisfy this preference, of course restaurants and hotels are figuring on the solution with the most profitability.

To figure out the solution to this new trend in preference, the restaurant and hotel industry needed to fill the “best of both worlds” into a bottle. While people do care about the environment now but, they still don’t want to just drink the locally sourced water from the tap. And, while they don’t want to buy the bottled water shipped from the Alps, they still wanted the convenience of the grab and go nature of the bottled water. Naturally – bottled filtered tap water became the answer to accommodate both of those worlds.

Restaurants and hotels are labeling these bottled locally sourced waters with their own brand, “because we feel it’s a special touch that will bring guests back,” says Peter Grills, F&B director of the Ballantyne Resort in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Ballantyne Resort source their water from the Midwest, in a facility about 75 miles from the resort. This water with their own brand had a positive feedback from its customers, they loved the taste and that it is reducing carbon footprints. Additionally, Grills mentions “Even with the expense of labeling, the water is a lot cheaper for us than buying other bottled waters, and that makes it a win-win.” So, as we can see, it really is the best of both worlds.


There are companies now, which are taking advantage of the new trend in locally sourced bottled water in restaurants and hotels. Such as Eau de Vie, the number one choice of filtered water systems for the restaurants in the UK. Eau de Vie offers a line of products especially been developed by their engineers for restaurants that serve their own bottled water brands, in personalized, reusable glass bottles. This allows for the restaurants to offer water still in style, but also not having to lose the revenue lost in expensive bottled water and the profitless tap water.


As we can see, a branded solution has been thought out for the issue of water preferences in restaurants and hotels. As the industry is already taking care the internal conflict of people towards luxury versus environment, and water filtering companies are adapting to the needs of the industry. It will only get easier from here.







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