The Explorer: “Did you know the world can fit in a bottle?”

If we had to create a new brand, what would it be? A good exercice we decided to give it a try. Also, we are proud to present you… The Explorer!


To develop our new brand, it was important to develop choose a unique positioning in order to differentiate ourselves from the competitors. Also, our exclusive positioning is about a product that come from the four corners of the globe. Indeed, our water will be considered as the purest water that the nature offered as it collected in the highest mountains of our planet. The product range will be composed of six different mineral water  products coming from six mountain springs. The name of the brand is “ The Explorer “ to embody this objective and explore the best water of our globe. Our story telling will be based on the story of an explorer, who spent his whole life climbing the oldest and highest mountains of the world. And each times he reached the highest sommits, he would get the water coming from the glacier, the purest water in the world. And it’s thousand years later that the descendants of the explorer decided, in memory of their ancestor, to follow his path and to spread the purest waters from around the world.

Our customers are a unique segment of explorers. They are educated and adventurous, they love seeking new experiences, whilst not having to give up the comfort of luxury. Being educated means that they are well aware of the harmful effects of the contaminants in most public sourced tap water. So they value the source of their water, but water doesn’t have to remain a mundane staple of survival; a luxury water experience can be the next adventure they seek.  Here is the targeted profil for our product:

  • Highly successful business professionals & trust fund babies: sharing qualities of status oriented and hedonistic. But, does not appear shallow, would appreciate the adventurous facade The Explorer could give them.
  • Young professionals: Status oriented and active, seeking new experiences that could make them appear with status.
  • Affluent families: Values appearance and status, want to appear healthy with premium water, and providing children with educational experiences.

Let’s see now the positioning of The Explorer:

Capture d’écran 2016-12-09 à 16.31.40.png

Our brand would be positioned on the premium range where it will differentiate itself thanks to a strong focus on the « pleasure » dimension. We chose an area, where there is not many competitors at the moment.

The main idea will be to promote drinking The Explorer as an unique experience,  where you can « taste the world » thanks to the waters coming from very different exotic places.

Capture d’écran 2016-12-09 à 16.32.10.png

Brand personality can provide added value. If customers feel like the brand personality which is similar to themselves, the customer will be more likely to purchase the product of this brand. Our brand “ The Explorer” will focus on giving special experiences which can fulfill the customer’ curiosity. In comparison with other bottled water brands, our water resources do not come from only one place, but they will be originated from six famous high mountains around the world for purpose of absolutely guarantee the water purity. Because our target customers are upper income level both of male and female who are willing to try new things. So the price of water is much higher than others. We will maintain good image of our brand and keep the uniqueness in order to attract more loyal customers by launching “The Explorer” of an equivalent quality.

We chose to target the upper class people. So, there is three mains channels of distribution: the restaurants and hotels, the travel agencies and the upper supermarkets: our bottles are not marketed on every street corner in order to make people curious and to create demand. It also permits to bring a kind of exclusivity to our product.

capture-decran-2016-12-09-a-17-12-02Concerning the packaging, our product is composed of six different spring waters  coming from six mountain water sources: we decided to draw the shape of the mountain on the packaging. Consequently, we have six different packagings and each of them represents the mountain of origin of the water. For the label we made the choice to have only one color in order to make the brand more identifiable. However the customers would find on each label a sentence to specify the origin of the water such as : “Explore Himalaya”. It permits to contribute to the uniqueness of each product of the range and to encourage people to test the six bottles.

To promote The Explorer, we will base our communication strategy on social medias, especially with video ad on Youtube. Here is our scenario:

A man, in a European country, during a busy day, wanting to just drink some water before entering an important meeting. He takes a sip of The Explorer from Himalaya…and suddenly teleport (have to happen before the “SKIP AD” on YouTube) in high mountain, with a lot of snow, and start to be chased down by a yeti. While he runs, he took out another bottle from his bag, The Explorer from Andes Cordillera and take a sip, which instantly teleport him in the Andes. He meets there a local with a lama, looking at him doing his noise. The local understand the man is lost and give him a bottle of The Explorer from the Alps. The man takes a sip, and teleport in the Alps, the Mont Blanc, with a city in the valley. The next plan is the meeting room, where you see the businessman coming back, you understand he add a long trip and was in rush, and enter the meeting. “Sorry I am late, I have been chased by a yeti, but everything is fine, a lama took me back home”  -Weird face from his coworkers-

Off voice: “The Explorer cannot be your excuse for being late is meetings”

We can also imagine a serie of ads, featuring the 6 places where the water comes from with different initial situations.

Article cowritten by: H.Benbrahim, A.Gormand-Couturier, N. Li, C. Nicolin, O. Oswald and R. Yin


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