Evian- Advertising Strategy

Evian is a brand owned by Danone company in France. In the world bottled water market, Evian is absolutely premium brand served in starred hotel, banquets, golf courses, nightclubs and other high-end places. Evian represented more or less than 10% market share of the bottled water market.

Advertising is vital to shape the brand image and promote the product in the market. Manufacturers can explain the feature of their products through advertisings. Every time, Evian push the new advertising with a great visual expression It has a fascinating story and effective brand association which can fulfill the customers’ preferences.

Fit the brand personality

“Each brand is a product, but not all products are brands”. Consumers not only demand the high-quality of product, but also the spirit of the brand can meet their pursuit and status. The successful brand always has an incredible brand story such as Evian. In 1789, a count named the Marquis de Lessert who suffered form severe diseases, but relying on the water in the town of Evian, he was restored from sickness. Later on, this story spread in the town and even in France. Moreover, doctors began prescribing the water for other patients. Napoleon and his empress loved Evian as well and named the town as Evian.

This story gives Evian the unique personality. And because of the use of Evian by a royal family, it has an aristocratic brand image. At the same time, Evian has its own brand sprit that was recognized by the global bottled water market through the diffusion of this incredible story. And Evian attaches great importance to history. It has long been a high-profit sense of aristocracy in starred hotels, clubs and other high-end occasions.

The brand positioning of Evian is the high-end and high-quality drinking water. It targets the customer who has high income level and seeks to build brand concept. For many customers who love Evian, it not only a bottle of water, but also the pursuit of brand beliefs.

Evian usually shapes the brand image by the scenery of Alps, slogan, the aesthetic style and no commercial elements. The impression of advertising is pure and has a peace of tranquility for people. This style is consistent with its noble spirit.

Since 1924, Evian put forward the advertising in the newspaper, it maintains a fresh and pure style through the visual presentation. After nearly a hundred years of continuous advertising, its aristocratic brand personality has enjoyed popular support in bottled water industry.

Convey the “pure” features

Since the 1950s, advertising of Evian has been focused on conveying its “pure” features. Evian brand was original form Latin which means mineral water. According to the French law, Evian filling and packaging must be carried out in the water source to prevent the destruction of quality. Such stringent procedures and regulations ensure the purity of Evian.

Advertising are dedicated to convey the features of the brand rather than only using the the attractive image and unexpected storyline. In the series of Evian advertisements, although the product appears in the image, it just a “prop” in the hands of people. It more present a beautiful picture to contrast “pure” product quality. It is important that no matter how popular culture shifts, business environment changes, the form and content of Evian’s advertising still focus on its product features.

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Strengthen the brand association

In advertising, Evian is very particular about strategy. The common practice is to use the absence of clever narrative, so that customers can accept the content of advertisement with a pleasure, accordingly strengthen the brand identity at the end of advertising. Despite Evian put forward much advertising, it changes a lot in the narrative plot. The main elements have been always baby, vitality and water in order to effectively deepen the customer association for the brand.

The core concept of Evian is “Live Young”, so the most appropriate expression carrier is “Baby”. At the same time, Baby advertising performance also presents the good quality of the product. It has been identified as the best infant drinking water. Therefore, the “Baby” as a stale element that appears in the advertising, not only a perfect interpretation of the brand concept, but also strengthen the promotion of product quality.

In years 2009 and 2013, Evian produced two advertising respectively: Roller Babies, Baby and Me. The interactive theme between the hero and their babies were full of fun, the click rate was over a 600 million within a week on Youtube. These advertisements gave a strong link between drinking Evian bottled water and keeping the youth.







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