Celebrity Endorsement in the Water Industry

When mentioning the use of celebrities in the advertisement of water, one can’t over look the deal Glaceau’s Smart Water made withJennifer Aniston. The Coca Cola bottled water brand has almost exclusively marketed itself  with the American actress since 2007. Former “Friends” star teamed up with Smart Water creating marketing campaigns with still photos and tv commercials, even several viral videos. This whole partnership is rumored to cost Coca Cola over 2 million dollars. This seems like an impossibility high price for one women to promote a bottle of distilled water, but Aniston’s endorsement really created a following of consumer loyalty after the brand.


It must take some hard work to market something as mundane as water, so turning toward the classic choice of sex appeal makes sense. A successful celebrity endorsed campaign should depict the chosen celebrity as an expert in the field of the product. But, who decided the expert in water drinking? Glaceau has depicted Aniston in their advertisements as the epitome of the healthy sex symbol, the photos of the actress are often in sports wear, or hardly any clothing at all. These new campaigns always stirs up a scene in the gossip tabloid media about Aniston’s new body in the ads, there was even a whole false baby food diet rumor incident followed by one Smart Water ad featuring her rock hard abs.


It’s already safe to say now that Smart Water is not shy when it comes to getting a little risqué with the Jennifer Aniston image for their brand. Still, they pushed even farther in 2011. With a maybe thinking outside the box, also maybe crossing the line stunt with the YouTube ad named “Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape”. Which of course involved no sex of any sort, but is a humorous ad poking fun at how to get a video to go viral. All of these trendy sexy tactics adopted by Smart Water with the help of Aniston all has nothing to do with the actual product of distilled water. But, it is clear that the brand is now recognized across the board, and the consumer will always positively correlate the attributes of the product to that of the smart, successful and always sexy Jennifer Aniston.









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