Brand Positioning – Brand Identity Premise

Bottled water industry, a very competitive but also unique market. Where brands succeeded in motivating people to buy something they could find for free. Brand identity played a great role in this success.

To understand this success story, it’s interesting to analyze the brand management strategies of the brands. However as “Time is precious and can’t be bought” or at least not yet, not like water, we will focus on 3 brands.

Evian, Contrex, and SmartWater: 1 market leader, 1 medium brand and 1 new brand, 3 brands with specific positioning just by looking at their ads.

This article will portray the positioning of each four brands as a premise of future articles on brand identity.

First of all, let’s find out a little more about those 3 brands.


  • Group: Danone
  • Country of origin: France
  • Biggest consumers: the USA, Russia, France, Japan
  • Type: Natural Mineral Water
  • Slogan: “Vivons Jeune” (Live Young)
  • Target: everyone (babies, pregnant women, children, young active people, seniors, sportive people)
  • Product Range:



  • Group: Nestlé Waters
  • Country of origin: France
  • Biggest consumers: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan
  • Type: Natural Mineral Water
  • Slogan: “Mon Partenaire Minceur” (My Slimming Partner)
  • Target: women (sportive, on a diet…)
  • Product Range:



  • Group: Coca-Cola
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Biggest Consumers: the USA, Argentina, Chile
  • Type: Distilled Spring Water
  • Slogan: Inspired by the clouds; Smart because it’s made that way; Purity you can taste, hydration you can feel
  • Target: young and active people
  • Product Range:


Let’s see now, how those 3 brands position themselves in the market:

mapping-1                               mapping-2

Looking at those two maps as well as the slogan of the brands, it appears that despite the 3 brands having a premium status in the market of bottled water, they all have a different brand identity. While SmartWater is underlying the natural origin of the water, Contrex highlights the slimming effect of its water rich in calcium and magnesium and Evian promotes a youth elixir.

Let’s analyze the 4Ps (Product, Price, Promotion, Place) to discover more about their actual marketing strategy.3



Whether it is Evian, Contrex or SmartWater, all of them have a very clear and specific marketing strategy adapted to their target. It enables them to have a strong brand image and to create brand value. In fact, all the actions launched by a brand in terms of price, product, place and promotions permit to develop strong and effective interactions with the customers. Those interactions will encourage unconsciously the customers to recognize the brand, to be loyal and to trust it, which drive brand equity. And developing brand equity is very important for a brand because it allows to engage more effectively customers and thus, permit the business to grow further.

Regarding our three brands Evian, Contrex and SmartWater their results on the bottled water market worldwide are the evidence that they succeed in developing a good brand equity.

We will discuss more in details about the brand equity and brand identity of Evian, Contrex and Smartwater in coming articles.

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