The Promising Growth of Functional Bottled Water

Functional bottled water has an increasing occupation of shelf placement in the supermarket rather than other soft drinks in recent years. Why does this situation of water industry could happen? Let’s have a look at the growth of functional bottled water industry.

Why produce functional bottled water?

Functional bottled water includes energy drinks, performance drinks, sports drinks etc. It refers to adjust the composition of nutrients in the water. Functional water has already become a popular drink in developed countries since 2000. Because it contains potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other electrolytes which are similar to the composition of body’s fluids. It can be more quickly absorbed by the body and supplement the loss of water and electrolytes in order to keep the balance of body’s fluids when people have excessive sweating after doing sports. Therefore, functional water gains considerable interest in the scientific community. When drinking functional bottled water become the trend, this industry also will be thriving.

More health demand of customers-functional water

Functional bottled water is suitable for consumption and convenient to carry at any time and any situation. It doesn’t need to be kept ice or warm. And it is lack of calories and artificial ingredients. So customers do not worry about causing disease such as obesity and diabetes. It becomes a healthy choice with refreshing taste for customers who do not just by ordinary bottled water. With the increasing of consumer health consciousness, more and more people prefer to purchase functional bottled water instead of carbonated beverages. According to the research, the consumption of functional bottled water had an increasing estimated 243m liters from 2000 to 2006. So many beverage companies like Coca-coca have expanded functional bottled water into their business.

Pushing forward of functional water niche market

The global market for functional water had an estimated 12% in volume to 5,500 million liters and 11% in value to $12,000 million. But based on the forecast, the estimated value of this industry will be expected to double in 2050. Many functional water are very low in volume; producers have less investment risk than launching new products. Functional water has an optimistic prospect in the future with volume and value growth. These perceptions provide producers with the opportunity to reach the health and diet needs of customers in order to build long customer loyalty.



[1] Neil Merrett, The rise of functional water, 2007



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