Reusing your Plastic Bottle ? The Worst Idea Ever !


If you are the kind of person who reuse their plastic bottles to save money, you could be sure that you are doing a bad deal.

The results of a recent study on the subject shows that it’s safer to lick a toilette sit than to reuse your old plastic bottle… explanation..

Germs that could make you sick

In reaching these conclusions, a fitness equipment brand, Tread millreviews compared 12 bottles reused many times and had fun comparing their rates of bacteria with those of the toilet bowl, the bowl of a dog or the kitchen sink drain. If you think that logically those should be more infested than the bottles analyzed by the research team, you are wrong ! in fact, the results shows that the bottle contain 25% more bacterias…

Bottles are not made to be reused

The bottles are made from a type of plastic called polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a plastic that, even if it preserves the quality of bottled water, will be degraded once you open the bottle.

The incidence is higher in terms of the water filling and the existence of chlorine or not. even our own bacteria, which has been in the mouth and saliva can be transmitted to the bottle if they drink by laying lips on the cap as well as those transmitted by the hand and fingers by simply unscrewing the lid.

This contaminates the water and changes its smell to become so bad that it could seriously damage our health. So if you still believe that you can reuse your plastic bottle, the answer is no. We MUST not fill a water bottle plastic. So what to do to fight against all those nasty bacteria? Several options: stop drinking from the bottle and put the contents of the bottle into a tall glass. For athletes who do not have glass in hand, Treadmill Reviews advises to buy a bottle stainless steel straw, washing regularly (it was found or that one, both less than 10 euros ). Bonus, it’s greener than a plastic bottle .


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