[Infography] Bottled Water Industry Overview

Water Industry Overview_Infography.png

Bottled water industry is a very fast growing and competitive market.

Tap water is the main and the strongest “direct competitor”, especially due to its very low price. Thus, bottled water brands have to rely on strong marketing and communication strategies to put value on their products. We should not forget about sodas and juices, also strong indirect competitors which used to have the biggest market shares in the non-alcoholic sector until this year when bottled water industry outsells soda.

Other upheaval, the global market will be soon dominated by Asia Pacific brands. Asia is a constantly increasing market, where foreign bottled water brands have to move quickly and adapt their strategy to keep their place as worldwide leaders.

In the future, some important changes are expected in the market. While the industry is increasing in the developing countries, an important change linked to health and environmental concerns will surely operate in the developed countries especially in Europe. Tap water is gaining more and more popularity.

Others categories that brands have interests to keep looking at and maybe invested on are flavored water and sprinkling water, which consumption keep increasing.

Big changes in the future are expecting in the industry. The brands will have to keep following the need and the desire of customers.


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