The Rise of Fancy Water

Water may appear as a very inexpensive resource while alcohol is often considered as a luxury product. However alcohol doesn’t have a good image anymore and that is why people are more and more interested in water.

The luxury water market is now a niche market and it attracts many companies. These brands are mainly distributed in Gourmet shops and restaurants.Mineral waters are today sold as “grand crus” or limited edition and companies markets their “rare commodity” at prices much higher than those displayed in supermarkets. The price can go from $10 to $100 for the most expensive as Bling H2O.

But it is legitimate to ask why a bottle of water can be so expensive, is there any rare vitamins inside?

Unfortunately, you won’t find any vitamins in Bling H2O but the water inside receives more treatments according to their web site, they claims to use a “a “nine step purification process that includes ozone, ultraviolet and microfiltration.”

bling h2O.jpegIt’s sounds nice, but to my mind it does not worth $100 and the reason of this price is much about the bottle covered with Swarovski crystals. Indeed, image has everything to do with it and that is the reason why they only supply actors and celebrities with their shiny bottles (Paris Hilton feeds her dog with it…)

Anyway, luxury waters make consumers curious thanks to their rarity. Indeed these bottles of mineral water are not marketed on every street corner. They belong to the world of luxury products, and the purchase of these products makes them be part of a privileged circle.

Alexandre Gormand


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